Top 10 Hidden Features of Google Scholar Every Researcher Should Know

Top 10 Hidden Features of Google Scholar Every Researcher Should Know


Google Scholar has undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for researchers around the world. It offers a vast repository of scholarly literature, including articles, theses, books, conference papers, and patents. While most researchers are familiar with the basic search functionalities, there are numerous hidden gems within Google Scholar that can significantly enhance the research process and save valuable time. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 hidden features of Google Scholar that every researcher should know about.

  1. Advanced Search Techniques:

Google Scholar’s advanced search options allow researchers to fine-tune their queries for more precise results. By using specific search operators like quotation marks for exact phrases, minus sign for excluding words, and author search, researchers can narrow down their search and retrieve relevant publications efficiently.

  1. Related Articles:

Discovering related articles is a powerful way to expand your research scope. By clicking on the “Cited by” and “Related articles” links, researchers can find papers that either cite the current article or are thematically related. This feature aids in uncovering additional sources and understanding the scholarly context better.

  1. Alerts and Updates:

Never miss a significant development in your field with Google Scholar Alerts. Researchers can set up personalized email alerts for specific keywords or authors, enabling them to stay informed about the latest research publications and citations.

  1. Citation Metrics:

Google Scholar provides citation metrics for each article, including the number of times it has been cited. This feature assists researchers in gauging the impact and importance of a particular publication within their field.

  1. Advanced Metrics:

Digging deeper into citation metrics, researchers can utilize Google Scholar Metrics to explore journals’ h5-index and h5-median values. These metrics reflect the visibility and influence of scholarly journals over the past five years, helping researchers identify reputable and high-impact publications.

  1. Library Links:

Researchers affiliated with educational institutions or organizations can customize their Google Scholar settings to access full-text articles through their library subscriptions. By adding library links, researchers gain direct access to articles behind paywalls, thus expanding their resource access.

  1. Researcher Profiles:

Creating and maintaining a Google Scholar profile enhances a researcher’s visibility within the academic community. The profile showcases their publications, citations, and h-index, establishing their scholarly reputation and facilitating networking with other researchers.

  1. My Library:

Google Scholar’s “My Library” feature enables researchers to save and organize articles for future reference. By creating multiple folders and adding relevant publications, researchers can create a personalized library of essential readings.

  1. Advanced Book Search:

For researchers working on book-related projects, Google Scholar’s Advanced Book Search is a valuable tool. This feature allows users to search within the content of books, helping them find specific information within scholarly publications.

  1. Google Scholar Button:

The Google Scholar Button, available as a browser extension, simplifies the research process. By clicking the button while browsing a webpage, researchers can instantly check if the article is available on Google Scholar and access related articles.

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