Simple High-definition Anti-scratch Mobile Phone Tempered Film


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 Product information:

Material: Tempered glass

Film type: front film

Film characteristics: high-definition, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint

Color: three pieces in a cowhide box-(tempered film + film tool)

Size: Apple 13mini 5.4, Apple 13 6.1, Apple 13Pro 6.1, Apple 13Promax 6.7, Apple 12 mini 5.4, Apple 12/12 Pro 6.1, Apple 12 Promax 6.7, Apple 11/Apple XR 6.1, Apple 11Pro/Apple X/XS 5.8 , Apple 11 Promax/ Apple XMAX 6.5, Apple SE 2020 4.7, Apple 7P/ Apple 8P 5.5, Apple 7/ Apple 8 4.7, Apple 6P/ Apple 6SP 5.5, Apple 6/ Apple 6S 4.7

Non-Apple brand products, compatible with IPhone models

Packing list:

Three pieces of tempered film + film tool

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 200 × 126 × 20 cm

13mini, IPhone13, IPhone13Pro, 13Promax, 12mini, Iphone 12/12Pro, Iphone12pro Max, 11orXR, 11Pro orXorXS, 11Promax or XMAX, iphone SE 2020, iPhone7P/8P, iPhone 7/8, iPhone6P/6SP, iphone 6/6s




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