Rocking Retro Microphone Z6 KTV Karaoke Classical Microphone Jazz Microphone


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Product material:

Material: zinc alloy


Power supply mode: external power supply

Features: The built-in mesh effectively reduces the sound of airflow, and restores the classic microphone shape very well, showing nobleness

PS: The standard version and the Major seismic film version are only single microphone heads, please note that there are no wires, supports and other accessories  

Note:The standard version is the size of the conventional MI core (during the activity, the standard version is also upgraded to the large diaphragm MI core), the large diaphragm version is a 38mm large core, the frequency response is wider, the bass is stronger, and the large diaphragm version has a mesh

Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 195 × 105 × 135 cm

After the film rose gold, Silver After the film, Standard sliver, Standard rose gold


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