Mobile Phone Wide Angle External SLR Lens 16mm


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The new lens has undergone a series of improvements from appearance to interior.

It looks cool and fashionable in appearance, and the lens improves the original problems such as various dark angle deformation, making the photo close to DSLR grade

Major changes have been made in lens clip aspects from appearance to material.

The previous diamond clip was made of plastic, with large appearance, occupying position and not good-looking

The new lens clip is made of aluminum, which is small in appearance, does not occupy a position, and is suitable for fashionable standards.

Structure (Element):5 pieces and 4 groups

Angle: 100 degrees

Magnification (Magnification ):0.5X

Focus distance (Deformation):10-15mm

Coating (AR Coating):Multilayer

Diameter (Max diameter):22.2mm

Length: 18.8mm

Mount: M14 X P0.75

It is suitable for 90% of smart phones, easy to carry and easy to use.

Precautions for lens use:

1. Pay special attention to dust prevention and dust prevention. Do not touch the glass lens part with fingers or other objects. Dust or foreign matter sticking to the lens or inside will affect the shooting effect, after use, remember to cover the protective cover and put it into buggy bag in time.

2. Like digital products, it is naturally afraid of water, and it is difficult to form fog after entering the water, which makes the photo blurred and unusable;

3. To prevent falling, the built-in lenses are made of high light transmission material, which may be broken when falling to hard objects;

Packing list:

1. Front and back cover of lens: 2. Patented metal U-clamp; 3. Dust free cloth; 4. Instructions

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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 130 × 100 × 70 cm
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