LCD Display Muslim Clock Arabic Desktop Alarm Clock


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Chinese description:

1. Can display the current time, date, day of the week

2. Hijri calendar display function

3. World time function

4. Prepare azan time for major cities in the world. There are 1500 cities to choose from, and there are 5 sets of prayer times every day

5. Makkah prayer music

6. The error of each group of prayer time may be adjusted, and each group of prayer time can be closed arbitrarily

7. Azan time reminder function

8. Alliance time function

9. Alarm function (one-time alarm / periodic alarm), and can send out a beep alarm

10. Snooze function, the snooze time is 5 minutes

11. Temperature function, celsius and fahrenheit can be switched

12. Daylight saving time (dst) function 12/24 hour system

13. Backlight function

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