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Material: tempered glass

Film type: whole body membrane

Film features: anti-peep, anti-fingerprint, HD

Color: anti-peep film [high transparent full-screen glass] – bare film, anti-peep film [high transparent full-screen glass] – boxed

Size: [millet note3], [millet 6], [millet 6X], [millet 8 youth], [millet 8], [millet 8se], [millet mix2], [millet play], [millet 9], [millet 9se], [red rice 7], [red rice 7note], [red rice 7notepro], [millet 8 exploration], [red rice note4], [millet mix3], [red rice 5plus], [millet 5X]

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

Millet 8se, Red rice 7, Millet note3, Millet 6, Millet play, Millet mix2, Millet 6X, Red rice 5plus, Red rice note4, Red rice 7note, Millet 9se, Millet 8 youth, Red rice 7notepro, Millet 5X, Millet 8, Xiaomi 8 explor, Millet mix3, Red rice 7notep, Millet 9


Bare film, Boxed


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