Python Formatting

Views: 151 Python Formatting Python provides several ways to format strings. Here are some common methods for string formatting in Python: Output: My name is Alice and I am 25 years old. Using the str.format() method: python Output: My name is Alice and I am 25 years old. Using f-strings (formatted string literals): python These […]

Python String

Views: 162 Python String Python provides a rich set of operations and methods to work with strings, which are sequences of characters enclosed in either single quotes (‘ ‘) or double quotes (” “). Here are some common operations and methods you can perform on strings in Python: String Concatenation: You can concatenate two or […]

Python User Input

Views: 194 Python User Input In Python, you can use the input() function to receive user input. The input() function allows you to prompt the user with a message or question and wait for them to enter a response. Here’s an example of how to use the input() function: python In this example, the program […]

Python Try…Except

Views: 138 Python Try…Except The try…except statement in Python is used to handle exceptions or errors that may occur during the execution of a program. It allows you to catch and handle specific exceptions gracefully, preventing your program from crashing and providing a way to handle the error condition. The basic syntax of the try…except […]

Python PIP

Views: 124 Python PIP PIP (short for “Pip Installs Packages”) is the default package manager for Python. It is used to install, upgrade, and manage Python packages and their dependencies. PIP makes it easy to find and install packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) or other package indexes. Here are some common commands and […]

Python Regular Expressions

Views: 186 Python Regular Expressions Regular expressions (regex) in Python are powerful tools for pattern matching and manipulating text. The re module in Python provides functions and methods for working with regular expressions. Here’s an overview of some common operations using regular expressions in Python: Matching patterns: The re.match() function is used to determine if […]

Python JSON

Views: 147 Python JSON Python provides a built-in module called json that allows you to work with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data. The json module provides functions for both encoding Python objects into JSON and decoding JSON back into Python objects. Here’s a brief overview of how you can work with JSON in Python: Decoding […]

Python Math

Views: 171 Python Math Python provides a built-in module called math that offers various mathematical operations and functions. You can import the math module at the beginning of your code like this: python Once you have imported the math module, you can use its functions and constants to perform mathematical calculations. Here are some commonly […]

Pyhton Dates

Views: 187 Pyhton Dates Python has a built-in module called datetime that provides classes and functions to work with dates and times. Here’s an overview of how you can work with dates in Python: Get the current date and time: python Create a specific date and time: python Extract specific components from a datetime object: […]

Python Modules

Views: 172 Python Modules Python modules are files containing Python code that can be imported and used in other Python programs. They allow you to organize and reuse code, making it easier to maintain and collaborate on projects. A module can define functions, classes, and variables that can be used in other programs. It can […]

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