HTML Computercode

Views: 159 To display computer code in HTML, you can use the andtags. The tag is used to wrap inline code snippets, while the tag is used for displaying preformatted blocks of code. Here’s an example: Like

HTML Responsive

Views: 195 HTML Responsive HTML Responsive refers to the practice of designing and coding websites or web applications in a way that allows them to adapt and display properly on different devices and screen sizes. With the increasing use of smartphones, tablets, and various other devices with varying screen sizes, it is crucial to ensure […]

HTML Layout

Views: 147 HTML Layout In HTML, the layout of a web page can be achieved using various elements and techniques. Here are some commonly used HTML layout elements and approaches: <div>: The <div> element is a versatile container that can be used to group and organize other elements. It has no inherent styling or meaning […]


Views: 166 HTML Head The HTML element is used to define the head portion of an HTML document. It contains meta-information about the HTML document, such as the title, character encoding, linked stylesheets, scripts, and other metadata. Here’s an example of how a typical HTML head section looks: html Page Title Let’s go through each […]

HTML File Paths

Views: 197 HTML File Paths In HTML, file paths are used to reference external files such as images, stylesheets, scripts, or other web pages. There are three main types of file paths you can use: Relative Paths: Relative paths specify the location of a file relative to the current web page. They are typically used […]

HTML JavaScript

Views: 164 HTML JavaScript HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and JavaScript are two essential technologies used in web development. HTML is the standard markup language for creating the structure and content of web pages. It provides a way to organize and format text, images, links, and other elements on a webpage. HTML uses a series of […]

HTML Iframes

Views: 151 HTML Iframes HTML iframes (inline frames) are used to embed another HTML document within the current document. They allow you to display content from another source or website on your webpage. The syntax for creating an iframe is as follows: Here, the src attribute specifies the URL of the document you want to […]


Views: 177 HTML Id In HTML, an ID (identifier) is a unique attribute assigned to an element, allowing it to be uniquely identified within the document. IDs are used to apply specific styles, manipulate elements through JavaScript, or create links to specific sections within a page using anchors. Here’s an example of how to add […]

HTML Classes

Views: 182 HTML Classes In HTML, classes are used to apply styles and define reusable styles for elements. They allow you to group multiple elements together and apply the same styles to them. To use classes, you need to follow these steps: Define a class: To define a class, you need to use the class […]

HTML Block & Inline

Views: 193 HTML Block & Inline In HTML, elements can be categorized as block-level or inline based on how they behave within the document structure and how they interact with other elements. Let’s take a look at each of these categories: Block-level elements: Block-level elements create a rectangular block that occupies the entire available width […]

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